Urban Poles Series 300 Fitness Edition – Review

Nordic walking poles vendors do not abandon their attempts to come up with the newest ergonomic design of their products. We know some successful case such as detachable handle “Shark” made of “LEKI”, and less successful such as curved pole form made of “EXEL”.
This week I have earned a brand new offer to the public – Urban Pole Series 300 Fitness Edition (Strapless!) from the Canadian company UrbanPoling.com and I would like to share you some impression after 10 hours walking trip.

So, the first difference between tested poles and usual pole construction is the patented special handle form “CoreGrip”. First of all, it has a platform for fixing the palm edge and a missing hand strap.
According to the vendor’s data – the absence of hand straps reduces chances to damage your hands and the lack of hand fixing is provided by the ergonomic shape of the handle of the pole (source link). Besides, the special form of pole’s handle allows us to push much stronger, which increases calorie consumption and arm muscles work.Urban pole Core Grip

Therefore, when I came back from the park, I can argue, that these walking poles gave me an interesting new experience in Nordic walking. Pole’s handle is very comfortable, and a platform for fixing the palm edge as it says “Push me!! Push me harder!!”.
After about 10 minutes I felt that my hands were working harder than before and I realized, why are these poles have “fitness edition” in their name.
In my opinion, such form of pole’s handle actually allows me to spend more energy compared to the classic handle form, which uses straps.
urban pole 300 series review

What else did I like:

•    Poles assembled very well. There are no squeaks or gaps.
•    There are marks on the body to adjust the height of the pole depending on your height.
•    Pole’s set includes, perhaps, one of the best bags for carrying these poles. It can be carried on your back like a backpack. It has an internal pocket for a water bottle. When the bag is folded, it has the size of your smartphone.

What I disliked:

•    No snow cap included.
•    Need to get used to the lack of straps. This solution can reduce the possibility of injury, but also it reduces convenience. At the same time, your hand will instantly get used to this handle and it will be very comfortable to walk. But…
Imagine a beautiful day, wonderful weather. You are walking in the park and there are only pleasant minds in your head. Everyone, who engaged in Nordic walking, understands me. Suddenly you saw a fluffy squirrel and you are trying to get some treat for it. Alternatively, someone calls you and you have to answer this phone call. Unfortunately, you have only one hand free, because you have poles without straps and you need to hold both poles with another hand or throw them to the ground. When you have the straps, your poles will hang freely from your wrists and both hands will be free. You can feed squirrels or answer an important call without throwing poles (Stop taking your phone with you when you are walking. Have a rest :))
Urban poles series 300 carry bag
However, despite this, I recommend to all Nordic walking lovers to use such poles. If you are faced with the task of getting a maximum fitness effect, these poles are definitely your choice!
This excellent specimen has taken pride of place in my collection, in case I want to make my walking more active.

Urban Poles Series 300 Fitness Edition - Review
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Urban Poles Series 300 Fitness Edition - Review
I spent over 10 hours in the forest walking with these Nordic walking sticks and they made me sweat! Pros and cons of the model and my impressions.
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