16 Must-Have Nordic Walking Products that You’ll Love

Nordic walking is a fun sport that may look easy at first glance but requires practice. However, it’s something that an entire family can involve themselves in. In basic terms, its enhanced walking; a cardio workout done with the help of Nordic walking sticks.

While these are the most important accessories needed for Nordic walking, there are other pieces that partakers will need to ensure a good workout and safe execution. Some of these are parts for the rods themselves while others make up important reading material. Below are sixteen such products for Nordic walkers. You won’t need all of them to begin your first run (or walk, in this case!), so pick must-have items first. A Buyer’s Guide follows, showing good tips to assist you in getting the accessories that you need.

16 Nordic Walking Products and Accessories Reviewed

Leki Lite Shark Nordic Walking GlovesA great compliment to the Trigger Shark GripCheck Price
Leki Speed Tip Rubber BufferBest for dirty and rocky surfacesCheck Price
ON|TRACK Stick BagFor 1 pair of Nordic Walking polesCheck Price
Leki Walking Pole Flex TipBest grip on rock and ice surfacesCheck Price
Black Diamond Ski Pole BasketsBest for deep snowCheck Price
Leki Trigger 3 Shark Wrist Straps Replacement "Shark system" wrist strapsCheck Price
Hi Vis Reflective Running ArmbandsSafety Gear for Nordic WalkingCheck Price
Leki Silent Spike Pad Pair for Flex UFor walking on different surfacesCheck Price
Leki Rubber TipsGuards cover carbide/metal tips while walking on asphalt or other hard surfacesCheck Price
Merrell Men's Intercept Low Rise Hiking ShoesBest men's nordic walking shoesCheck Price
Merrell Women’s Moab Gore-Tex Low Rise Hiking ShoesBest woman's nordic walking shoesCheck Price
Bruetting Women's Circle Nordic Walking ShoesBest budget nordic walking shoesCheck Price
Outdoor Sport ruled Notebook 6x9 InchesPerfect Gift for Nordic WalkersCheck Price
The Complete Guide to Nordic WalkingSimple guide to help you understand everything you need to know about Nordic WalkingCheck Price
X-Socks Nordic WalkingDesigned for the health type of NWalkingCheck Price
Waterfly Waist Pack Bum BagBest Water-Resistant Bag with inner clip for keys and other itemsCheck Price

  1. Leki Lite Shark Nordic Walking Gloves

The Leki Lite Shark Nordic Walking Gloves will benefit all Nordic walkers, no matter what size your hands are. Besides small children, the gloves will fit most people and are unisex. But even if your hands are smaller than average, a total of three sizes in all. Each glove has a trigger loop that can attach to your walking poles, although this can be removed if you wish to do so. Feel free to wear them in the cold or heat, whereby they will keep your palms from sweating and provide some warmth in either situation.
  • There are multiple sizes given for the product that will fit most hand sizes
  • A trigger loop is included with the gloves, which can be unfastened if desired
  • Small perforations throughout the gloves give the wearer breathability and coolness during the workout
  • Provides some warmth during winter weather
  • The trigger loops are thin and may deteriorate after several months of use

  1. Leki Speed Tip Rubber Buffer Grip Pad For Flex Tip Power Black

The Leki Speed Tip Rubber Buffers are made from vulcanized material, making them very strong and able to withstand most elements without breaking. The best thing about them is how easily they will attach to your poles. Once fastened, the tips will never loosen regardless of how much dirt gets trapped on the inside. Of course, you’ll want to clean them whenever you have the chance but things should stay firm nonetheless. You won’t want to use them when walking over the ice, so consider a good pair of pole baskets to go along with this product.
  • The rubber is vulcanized, which give it strength and slows down the aging process
  • Holds firmly against all Nordic waling poles without becoming loose
  • Doesn’t slide on the ground when during during rainfall
  • Icy conditions may render the pads useless; can become quite slippery

  1. ON|TRACK Stick Bag for 1 Pair of Nordic Walking Sticks

The ON|TRACK Stick Bag is used for carrying Nordic walking poles. You can fit two of them inside a single bag, so definitely get one if you’re planning on doing any traveling with them in your possession. You won’t rip when handled under normal stress, strong enough to hold up for a long time

without breaking. Of course, you would likely have to place the bag in your checked luggage if you’re flying commercially. Yet all other forms of transport (bus, car, etc) should suffice for you leaving them close by to you. Or place them in the truck of your vehicle and never worry about other items getting in the way of your poles again.

  • Ideal for taking walking stick in airports or other transport hubs
  • Doesn’t rip easily, hold firm when put under ordinary pressure from holding and handling
  • The holder won’t come apart, even after multiple uses indoors or outdoors
  • May seep water on the inside if kept under the rain for a long period

  1. Leki Walking Pole Flex Tip

The Leki Walking Pole Flex Tips can be used on a variety of surfaces but are best on concrete. You’ll be able to flex your poles during walking for easier takeoff and grappling when your hands come closer to the handles. Using on road ice should be easy as well. If you do plan on trying them out, you may find yourself changing them for other tips if the walking terrain that you’re on is varied. In any case, they won’t slide or slip when you’re in motion, so give them a try if you expect your workout to take place in less than ordinary weather (but nothing too wintry).
  • Allows the user to flex the pole to a higher degree than what would be possible with ordinary walking pads
  • Recommended for use in areas that get significant ground ice or grassy areas
  • Grips hard surfaces without sliding
  • The tips could be too long or short for some walking poles

  1. Black Diamond Ski Pole Baskets

The Black Diamond ski Pole Baskets are what you’ll need for the ice and snow. They also hold up well on ground that is muddy or soft. Upon inspection, you’ll notice that the material is hooded, which is the portion that will keep your sticks from going too far into soft ground. They should fit well on walking poles of all types. Installing isn’t that hard but there aren’t any instructions featured with the product. Just unscrew the base counter-clockwise and attach the baskets, ensuring that they’re screwed in tightly.
  • Minimal effort needed to complete install
  • Doesn’t sink in the snow, even when walking over ice that isn’t tightly compact
  • Fits on most popular pole brands
  • Although the baskets are relatively easy to install alone, there are not instructions included with the product

  1. Leki Trigger 3 Shark Wrist Straps

The Leki Trigger 3 Shark Nordic Walking Poles are wrist straps big enough to fit on most people, but with an adjustable length for smaller hands also. As you put them on, you’ll notice they’re very comfortable on the wrists and thumbs, showing hardly any agitation at all. Whether you like to clean them by hand or using your washing machine is your choice; they’re compatible with both. Like most straps, you will have to break them in your hands are big, but they should fit well enough after your first walking session.
  • The straps can accommodate most hand sizes
  • Doesn’t cause any strain in the hands when worn, even after several hours of walking
  • Can be washed either by machine or by hand
  • When used immediately after unboxing, the straps may require a break-in period before maximum comfort in felt

  1. Hi Vis Reflective Running Armbands

The Hi Vis Reflective Running Armbands are a must-have item for Nordic walkers. Walking generally encompasses travel or a broad range of areas, including in places that have a high amount of traffic. In order for motorists to see you, reflective material is needed. These armbands will alert other drivers to your presence from a distance of several meters away from your location. No matter the time of day, night, or weather conditions, you’ll be easy to see. However, the reflective material can chip off over time, so be sure that you store them in a place where they won’t age too quickly.
  • Stretches enough to be worn either on the arms or over the legs
  • Can be seen by motorists in all forms of weather
  • Easy to wash and store; small enough to fit into most pockets
  • The silver reflective material may chip away over time

  1. Leki Silent Spike Pad Pair for Flex U

The Leki Silent Spikes are great for Nordic walkers that hate to frequently change out their tips during workouts. Doing this can sometimes be tedious, especially in locations that are hilly or have unpredictable weather. The bottom portion of the rubber has blunt spikes that protrude out, which can hold firm on to the pavement no matter how wet it becomes. These spikes are also great for ground that is compact or grassy. And because of the rubber/steel combination, the sound won’t break your concentration or technique. Some very smooth pavements may slip if you’re moving too quickly, so try not to rush things if you feel the ends moving as they touch the surface.
  • The rubber is very dense and won’t succumb to scratches from rocks and concrete easily
  • There are blunt spikes at the bottom of the tips that enable walking across most terrains without the need to constantly change
  • Doesn’t make a lot of noise when walking
  • May cause slipping on some tarmac surfaces

  1. Leki Rubber Tips (pairs)

The Leki Rubber Tips are made by the same company that produces the famed Nordic walking poles. They’re sold in a pair and are best when used on tarmac (concrete and asphalt). If your walking routes can be described at such, they are a good replacement to tips you may own already. They won’t brittle or dry rot quickly, so you’ll likely have them around for a much longer time than your standard tips. You can fit them on most walking sticks, including those that aren’t made by Leki.
  • Great for walking on concrete and asphalt
  • Doesn’t become brittle and succumb to dry rot easily
  • Fits on most Nordic walking rods
  • Not suitable for walking on the ground

  1. Merrell Men’s Intercept Low Rise Hiking Shoes

The Merrell Men’s Intercept Low Rise Hiking Shoes are great for most terrain, including flat or hilly conditions. While the shoes are sold as for men, the shoes are great for women as well. There’s solid ankle support on the inside, and the soles are thick. It provides the wearer with good control during takeoff on the ground and concrete. Tying them up also easy, and the lace won’t wear down on your too early in the shoe’s lifetime. air circulation could be better, but that doesn’t take away the overall feel and quality of the shoe.
  • The shoes are comfortable to wear and have a short time for break-in
  • Good ankle support along the central portion of the shoe
  • Laces are thick and won’t wear don’t quickly
  • There is little room for air to circulate on the inside of the shoe, making the feet sweat

  1. Merrell Women’s Moab Gore-Tex Low Rise Hiking Shoes

The Merrell Moab Gore-Tex Low Rise Hiking Shoes are built are all-terrain and ideal for female walkers. Unlike some walking shoe, they don’t sacrifice reliability for comfort. You’ll easily walk overall pavement and tarmac, no matter if it’s wet or icy outside. The shoes are partially hand-made on the interior. The outer portion is all synthetic but made to repel water from coming in the inside when you walk. Airflow is also nice, and there are small holes throughout the shoe that make them highly recommended for walkers with feet that sweat easily. If you have a good pair of lace on you, consider using them with this shoe, as those featured with the pair are quite short. Other than that, there’s little else to complain about the Moab.
  • The interior portions of the shoe are built by hand
  • The rubber sole is rugged, making the shoes great for walking on flat, muddy, or rocky surfaces
  • Has a mesh outline that allows air into the insides of the shoes
  • The sole above the rubber bottom is dense
  • Laces are too short

  1. Bruetting Women’s Circle Nordic Walking Shoes

The Brutting Women’s Circle Shoes are specifically built for Nordic walking, and the comfort they provide is proof of that. Your feet will stay warm but won’t sweat a bit during your workout, helping you to maintain focus on your technique. They aren’t loose-fitting when worn but not too tight either, giving the feel a resemblance to ordinary sneakers you would wear. The soles are also padded, having a thick layer that keeps the feet from hurting when going over ground terrain. So long as you’re careful to buy the correct size for you, there should be no problems as at when wearing the Brutting Shoes for Nordic walking.
  • Keeps the feet toasty when walking or hiking in cold weather
  • Cones on or off quickly
  • Soles are padded and won’t cause main in the ankles or arches when used for extended walking
  • Buyers might need to purchase in a size that’s different from what’s indicated on the sizing chart

  1. There’s no crying in Nordic Walking: Outdoor Sport ruled Notebook 6×9 Inches

This Outdoors notebook is a perfect way to keep track of your routes and other stats quickly. There are 120 pages total, making it an important monitor your walking progress over a long time frame. As you write, your notes will never become smeared and will stay intact to the paper for the entire time that you use it. And since it’s only 6×9 inches, fitting it in most pockets is easy. If you walk with gym clothing on, this might be a bit more difficult but there are other products you could use to take it with your still. Of course, you’ll need to use caution if you take it outside during rainfall, so as to not get it wet.
  • There are 120 pages included with the notebook
  • Doesn’t smear easily
  • Will easily fit in front or back pockets
  • Like all paperback notebooks, must be used carefully when walking in the rain or snow

  1. The Complete Guide to Nordic Walking

The Complete Guide to Nordic Walking is a comprehensive book that’ll show you all that you need to know to get started with the activity. There’s nothing left out here, meaning that a beginner could not most ins and outs of Nordic walking with this publication. All you must do is follow the guidelines laid out, and your skill will increase tenfold. However, most professional Nordic walkers will tell you a book is always better when used with an experienced instructor. If you can, take this along with you as a guide, but under the watch of someone who knows Nordic walking (so they can ensure that you’re doing it the right way).
  • Explains lots of different walking techniques in a way that makes them easy to follow
  • Great for beginners that do not know Nordic walking
  • There are numerous photos in the book that provide examples of correct posture and technique
  • Best when used with an instructor (not possible to do for all walkers)

  1. X-Socks Nordic Walking

The X-Socks for Nordic Walking is best for people with feet between the sizes of a men’s 10 and 12. And while the sizing might not say it, the’ll fit great on women as well. They aren’t too thick but aren’t thin enough to wear out on the first week that you use them. If you live in a place with temperate weather that experiences all the four seasons, these should suffice. But wearing in colder climates (or seasons) might not be relaxing since the socks won’t help keep your feet warm. This could also depend on the type of shoe that you’re wearing, so go with what you prefer.
  • Will fit either medium to large-sized feet
  • The socks are unisex and can be worn for men and women
  • Has just the right amount of thickness to make them comfortable but not enough to cause sweating
  • Not ideal for walking in cold climate

  1. Waterfly Hiking Waist Pack Bum Bag

The last product is the Waterfly Hiking Waist Pack Bum Bag. It’s sold in multiple colors for both men and women, and there are pocket shown throughout most areas of the product. The material consists mostly of Nylon and can shield your possessions from getting wet from rainfall. There are two bottles featured with their own separate holsters. You can bring water and another drink along with you (for yourself or a friend, relative, or child). Most pockets will fit all things needed for Nordic walking to take place, including extra tips and gloves.
  • The pack is made with Nylon and repels water from seeping through to the inside
  • Lots of color options for women and men
  • Two water bottles are included with just one pack
  • Extra pockets for notebooks and other personal items
  • Has straps for the shoulder and when worn across the waist
  • Unless the pack is carefully adjusted beforehand, the wait strap may loosen during walking

Buyer’s Guide

Here are tips to help you pick what you need for Nordic walking.

How to know which items are needed the Most

As for what you need first, this depends on the things you’ve already acquired. If you don’t have walking poles, you should get those first. If that’s taken care of, then check the route in which you’ll be walking. Is it on the pavement, or will you be traveling over grassy areas? If it’s the former, then consider getting rubber tips before anything else. For the latter, trips with a good grip on dirt and mud are best. Sometimes, tips might be able to withstand both of these surfaces provided that the ground isn’t too waterlogged or icy. And for those situations, tips with buckets are your best bet.

All about Footwear

If you don’t already have a decent pair of walking shoes, try getting some before you start Nordic walking. You don’t want to do this activity in anything other than ordinary footwear. That means low-top shoes with good flexibility are the best. The grip should be sufficient but not too dense, at least for the soles. And check the laces are long enough for the shoes to be tied securely, getting an additional pair if they aren’t.

Other Items to Add to your Shopping List

If you’re going to do any sort of traveling, remember to acquire a travel bag for your walking sticks. It’s the best way for them to not get damaged since finding alternative bags to place them in can be difficult. Poles have a very specific size that isn’t measured in dimensions that are identical to most luggage. And if you’re walking with a group, having a pouch is always a good way to keep important items along for the walk. Those with water bottles are a plus since you’ll always have liquid on hand to replenish yourself when taking a break from walking.


Have you decided on everything you want to begin Nordic walking? If not, what’s shown in the reviews are all that you’ll need to do so. This doesn’t include the walking poles themselves, so be sure they’re marked off our checklist as well. Everything from gloves, rubber tips, and even guidebooks are included here, so you’ll be able to call yourself an intermediate in Nordic walking in no time at all. Invite your family and friends to look at the items as well if they show an interest in walking with you. It’s an outstanding way to burn calories and stay in shape!

Sixteen Must-Have Nordic Walking Products&Accessories that You'll Love
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Sixteen Must-Have Nordic Walking Products&Accessories that You'll Love
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  1. I have very sensitive hands and I didn’t realize it until I actually started wearing gloves. My skin is super sensitive and I would get really dry hands. Once I started using gloves I found that they got a lot less dry during the colder months. I highly recommend finding a nice pair of gloves if you’re serious about walking.

  2. I have had a great time with the Leki Speed Tip pads. They have held up for a long time and I am pretty rough with walking. They’re great quality for the price you pay and I would recommend them to everyone no matter what level you are at.

  3. During the rainy months, I found that my poles did not hold up well for me because the ground was always muddy and sticky. Once I started using the Black Diamond ski pole baskets it improved the walking experience a lot. No more gross poles!

  4. I got the On Track Stick Bag for my walking poles and it had helped me keep them more organized in my car. They used to just roll around in my trunk all the time, which is definitely not good for them. But now they stay relatively together.

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