Best nordic walking poles 2021 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Get in Shape with These High-Quality Nordic Walking Poles

Nordic walking is an activity that is enjoyed by many, both as a sport and an outdoor recreational activity. Movement is done with walking poles, thin but very strong rods that resemble the kind used for skiing. Some even use them to assist their walking technique after sustaining leg injuries, since it allows the walker to move with more support from the torso, arms, and shoulders than what’s possible from an ordinary stroll. Contrary to its name, Nordic walking isn’t practiced exclusively in the NorthWestern corner of Europe, although it did begin there. Below are ten of the best Nordic walking poles found online. Remember to check out the Buyer’s Guide as well so that you’ll have a better idea of what types suits you the most.

10 Best Nordic Walking Poles Reviewed 2021

LEKI Spin Trekking Pole Telescopic Pole

100 - 130 cm136cm - 190cm (4ft 6in - 6ft 3in)100% CarbonTelescoping (Twist lock), AdjustableCheck Price
Series 300 Urban Poles
My Pick!
77 - 130 cm128cm-190cmHigh-grade AluminiumTelescoping (Twist lock), AdjustableCheck Price
Gipfelsport Carbon Nordic Walking pole

Best on a budget!

75 - 125 cm135cm - 190cm (4ft 6in - 6ft 3in)100% CarbonTelescoping (Lever lock), AdjustableCheck Price
Leki Traveller Carbon Nordic90 - 130 cm135cm - 190cm (4ft 6in - 6ft 3in)Carbon FibreTelescoping (Speed lock), AdjustableCheck Price
LEKI Nordic Walking Stock Response

115cm165 - 175cm (5ft 5in - 5ft 9in)Aluminium/CarbonFixed LengthCheck Price
ALPIDEX Very Light Carbon Nordic Walking Pole100 - 135 cm135cm - 195cm (4ft 4in - 6ft 3in)Modular CarbonTelescoping (Twist lock), AdjustableCheck Price
Exel Pro Curve ALIS - Nordic Walking Stick100 cm135cm - 195cm (4ft 4in - 6ft 3in)CarbonFixed Length, Curve technologyCheck Price
Leki Spin Nordic Walking Stick100 - 130 cm135cm - 190cm (4ft 6in - 6ft 3in)CarbonTelescoping (Twist lock), AdjustableCheck Price
Gabel Stretch Lite Nordic walking poles75 - 130cm135cm - 190cm (4ft 6in - 6ft 3in)AluminiumTelescoping (Twist lock), AdjustableCheck Price
Premium Steinwood 100% Carbon Nordic Walking Poles65 - 135 cm135cm - 190cm (4ft 6in - 6ft 3in)100% CarbonTelescoping (Lever lock), AdjustableCheck Price
Ultrasport Carbon Nordic Walking/Trekking Poles105cm-110cm-115cm-115cm165 - 175cm (5ft 5in - 5ft 9in)CarbonFixed LengthCheck Price

  1. LEKI Spin Nordic Walking Pole Telescopic Pole – Best All-Terrain Nordic Walking Poles

Leki Smart Traveller Carbon

The LEKI Spin is Nordic walking poles for people that need a length that can accommodate both men and women, and since they’re unisex, you can rest assured that the vibrations are minimal. The same also goes for the grip, which is outstanding. As you break the walking poles in, you’ll notice its grip getting smoother and easier, with no tensions in the wrists while pushing the handle in a backward direction. In dry weather, this is consistent but things could get a little harder if you tend to walk when it’s raining outside. The rubber at the bottom soles is very thin and could wear down fast. Find yourself another set for this if you stay in a region that’s got a good deal of precipitation throughout the year.
  • The length is adequate for both men and women
  • The grip is excellent and feels cool on the hands during long walking distances
  • Shaking is minimal, and handling doesn’t feel awkward when walking on inclines and declines
  • If used on wet pavement, slipping might occur due to thin rubber soles

  1. GipfelSport Carbon Nordic Walking pole – Best for Casual Walking (People’s Choice)

Gipfel Carbon Nordic Walking poles

The Carbon Nordic Walking Poles are recommended for walkers that are or have had trouble with leg pain in the past. One big issue with some Nordic walking poles is their inability to conform to certain sizes. With the CArbon Nordic, you can adjust it to match accordingly to your height. It’s not a “one size fits all” pole, but you’ll likely fall into the numbers recommended for sizing. When you walk with them, feel free to go wherever you want, including on terrain filled with hills and patch mud. And for the taller customers, this should feel right at home after the size is lengthened. But anyone with big hands might find themselves in need of a replacement pair. They’re quite small, so grab something larger unless you’re comfortable with the tight fit that comes with the Carbon Nordic Poles.
  • Doesn’t cause joint pain when walking in areas where the ground is uneven
  • The poles have a long adjusting length that can better accommodate taller walkers
  • The handles are slip-resistant
  • Unlike the poles themselves, the hand straps cannot be adjusted

  1. Leki Traveller Carbon Nordic Walking Poles – Best for Height Adjustment

Leki Traveller Carbon Nordic Walking Poles

The Leki Traveller Carbon Nordic Walking Poles come in 1 pair (two poles) with a dark brown finish. These poles are the ideal kind to take with you during travel. They can fit in most luggage bags easily, including check-in sized bags. Each will collapse onto itself, saving you space when you don’t have lots of room during transport. Strength is also a selling point, and the poles will make contact with any sort of pavement without vibrating or bending out of shape. If you attempted to do it yourself, you likely wouldn’t succeed. They’re both very dense and should stay in shape for a long time. Another good feature with these is the improvements made from previous models, which were a lot more flimsy. Overall, there’s nothing at all wrong with this Leki model, so give it a try if you’re in a rush to get poles but don’t have time to shop around.
  • When taken apart, the poles will fit in check-in luggage sized bag easily
  • The poles are built well; very strong along the rods
  • Doesn’t bend easily, even when force is applied
  • No vibrations are felt when applying pressure downward
  • Hand grip quality has increased over older models of the poles
  • The poles may not fit in some luggage pieces if only collapsed

  1. LEKI Nordic Walking Stock Response – Best Nordic Walking Poles for Strength


LEKI Nordic Walking Stock Response

The Leki Nordic Walking Stock Response has four different sizes that you can select, which means that you cannot adjust the size. Be sure that you pick accordingly, taking into consideration the height of someone else that might use the walking poles when you’re not. They’re made from aluminum and consists almost entirely of carbon. During walking, movement is easy since the poles are so lightweight. Carrying around is an even simpler task. Walking on asphalt or concrete is also great, although the rubber feet might wear off quickly. But changing to another pair can be done by quickly slipping them off when you’re not in motion. Again, you can’t change the length of these walking shoes. Look for another pair if this is something that you insist on having.
  • Built with aluminum and other strong metals; will last years after purchase
  • Although lightweight, no vibrations when pressed down on during walks
  • The rubber tips come off easy (when needing to replace)
  • There’s no way to adjust the length of the poles

  1. ALPIDEX Very Light Carbon Nordic Walking Pole – Best for Grass and Asphalt


ALPIDEX Very Light Carbon Nordic Walking Pole

The Alpidex Very Light Carbon Nordic Walking Poles have everything that you’ll need to get started with Nording walking. And best of all, every piece that’s included with this set is made from high-quality parts. The handles are woven tight, the feet’s rubber parts don’t show signs of flaking, and the poles themselves contain real cork along with the handles. You can also unfasten the straps at the top of the poles, which will help you get them off quicker when needed. The additional rubber feet are swell, making it unlikely that you’ll need extra parts for the poles when they arrive in the mail. These don’t fold into themselves though, so think twice about traveling with them unless you have no problem getting the pair to fit into a very lengthy bag.
  • The straps can be unfastened from the top
  • Comes with extra rubber soles for the metal tips at the bottom
  • The poles are at a fixed length but can be disassembled if necessary
  • Not recommended for customers that travel frequently

  1. Exel Pro Curve ALIS – Best Nordic Walking Poles for Beginners


Exel Pro Curve ALIS

The Exel Pro Curve ALIS are walking poles that are built to last a lifetime. That’s because they’re made from metals are contain nothing but pure carbon on the inside. This results in very hard walking poles that will never break under normal stresses. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert walker, your arms will get one of the best workouts you’ve ever experienced with Nordic Walking. No shakiness, vibrations, or anything of the sort will occur. The only major drawback is the straps. They’re very thin and feel as if they could break at any moment. If you can, it’s suggested that you acquire separate hand straps for holding the poles unless they feel suits your style of Nordic walking.
  • Poles are built with pure carbon
  • Suitable for most beginners and expert Nordic walkers
  • Zero vibrations, no matter how hard the poles are used on the terrain of all types
  • The thin straps may not suit all walkers


  1. Gabel Stretch Lite – Best Multi-Use Nordic Walking Poles


Gabel Stretch Lite Nordic

The Gabel Stretch Lite Nordic Walking Poles are manufactured in Italy and have the quality to prove it. They look a little bit different to lots of other poles, although performance remains to the standard that one looks for. If you like to partake of alternative activities that you similar but not the same as Nordic walking, these can also be used. Trekkers and even hikers might prefer them to ordinary canes. But if you despise any sort of shakiness, you would probably do better off with one of the other walking poles shown in the reviews. This can happen if the ground you’re walking on is very dense and rocky. Unfortunately, this is also in areas where hiking would be needed over Nordic walking. In any case, give them a shot if you want something more rugged or that’s built for more than just one activity.*
  • Looks unique to other Nordic walking poles
  • Its durability would make it a useful tool when undertaking activities other than Nordic walking (hiking and trekking)
  • All parts are assembled in Italy. I Love It!
  • Slight vibration along the bottom if used on concrete surfaces

  1. Leki Spin Nordic Walking Stick –  for Men and Women


Leki Spin Nordic Walking Stick-Black-Gray

The Leki Spin Nordic Walking Stick(s) are highly adjustable, and fit for almost anyone to wear. Even many children would have no problems with these, and may even prefer it over others that don’t have shorter people in mind. Walking is pleasant, and no vibrations should emerge during your stroll. Even if you were to take them out to a rocky beach or mountain, the ends would hold up well and result in no jittery feelings (from the shakiness of lower quality poles). You can also change the length of the straps, so bigger walkers are also well-served with this pair. For beginners, you should be able to take these out immediately when opened; they come shipped for people with average height. Try out the Leki Spin Nordic Walking Sticks if you fall into one of the categories mentioned.
  • The poles have an adjustment range of 39 to 51 inches
  • No shakiness when walking over dense surfaces
  • Straps are adjustable; can fit large or small hands
  • Poles are set to default height; most users won’t have to adjust when they’re unboxed
  • The poles have no collapsing feature

  1. Premium Steinwood 100% Carbon Nordic Walking Poles – Best for Cold Weather



Premium Steinwood 100% Carbon Nordic Walking Poles

No longer will you have to worry about carrying your NOrdic walking poles, at least with the Premium Steinwood 100% Carbon Poles. If you like making fast adjustments on the fly, then this would make a nice addition to a collection (or even if you’re a beginner). And can also adjust the entire set if you wanted since multiple accessories come with them, including a small carrying case. It’s big enough to get the poles inside and a few of the pads, but not all of them. If you stay in a place that experiences all four seasons during the years, look no further. The feet include everything from pads geared for rain, ice, snow, asphalt, and mud. Take advantage of this set and never worry about getting more items for your walking shoes after these have arrived.
  • On-the-spot adjustments can be made with the Quick-Lock system
  • Multiple soles come with the poles; can be used in snowy and icy conditions
  • Comes with a carrying case (both will fit into the bag)
  • Almost doubles its height when extended after being collapsed
  • Releases for the straps are made of plastic and feel weak

  1. Ultrasport Carbon Nordic Walking/Trekking Poles – Best for Grip and Wrist Support



The Ultrasport Carbon Nordic Walking Trekking Poles are made for all three of these activities and have the strength to prove it. but aside from their quality construction, the hand grips are an additional nice touch. With them, your hands will be relaxed but never agitated, which could cut back on the pain that might be felt from bad quality poles. The handles are made from real cork, and not anything fake. Some individuals might have a problem with the grips, although not most. They’re a little thin along the area that sits close to the thumbs. Fatigue could occur if your hands are larger than average. But if not, there’s little room to worry.
  • Relaxing hand grips are easy on the wrists, never causing pain when walking on long treks
  • Handles are produced from authentic cork
  • Lightweight construction but built from very dense materials
  • Thin grip portion that rests along the thumbs may lead to fatigue in the hands (too thin)

Best nordic walking poles – Buyer’s Guide

Here are some helpful tips to aid in your search for Nordic walking poles.

Choosing the right Nordic Poles

A good pair of Nordic walking poles will have three key features. The first is durability, which is determined by how well the poles are manufactured. Most of them in this category will consist of various metals, most notably aluminum or steel. Others might be made from carbon fiber. Carbon-fiber is lightweight but has high density, which adds lots of strength to the poles. The higher the concentration of carbon in the poles, the better it will stand up to prevent shaking when you walk with the product. The second thing to look for is the quality of everything else, which includes the feet and handles. Good poles will utilize cork, which is also lightweight but easy to handle. It absorbs moisture and keeps the walker’s grips held firmly to the top without slipping. This can prevent wrist strain during walking. Lastly, the third feature is the straps. Just because the poles that you have are nice doesn’t necessarily translate to quality straps. Some of them can fit too tight or loose, so check to see if you’ll need an additional pair besides those that come with the product that interests you the most.

Fixed or Adjustable Height?

Another feature that you should decide if you need or not is whether the poles can have their heights adjusted. Some of them can while others can’t. If they aren’t featured, the easiest way to tell is by looking at the description of the product. If the height is fixed, then you won’t have the option to extend their length. Yet those that do will have a description show the smallest and longest lengths that it can be. For example, poles that will retract will be shown to do so with a (hypothetical) distance of 130 to 190 centimeters. But a pair that can’t be set to the length of the entire pole only. However, even those that can be fixed will have various sizes they can be purchased in. No matter if you’re tall or short pay attention to the sizing of your poles to avoid an unnecessary return.

Where you Walk in Them

Depending on your location, you might have to walk through gravel, dirt, concrete, or both during your Nordic walking routine. Thankfully, some poles are sold to accommodate any sort of terrain that you may come across. Some brands may even have rubber padding for walking through the snow. Regardless, check the product’s description fist to see if anything’s included, then buy separately if you must. Most of them will contain soles for either walking on grass and the road. If your route doesn’t differentiate from this very often, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Travel and Transport

If you plan to do any traveling with your Nordic walking poles, you’ll want to ensure they’re lightweight and collapsible. Traveling with those without the features will result in the poles getting in the way of other bags. But with folding poles, height doesn’t need to be worried about. Just push them in and place in any bag that can fit them. Some brands might include a bag that can be used for this. However, these are often in poor quality, so you’re likely better off getting one separately from the poles that you buy (assuming there’s a bag that comes it the pair). But if you insist on getting poles that won’t fold up, you could always rig things up the way golfers do with golf clubs. But always store them in a place where they won’t be exposed to the elements, whether you’re doing it temporarily or between airports.


If you liked one of the Nordic walking poles shown, take a moment to go over any other brands that you may have missed. How do they compare to the one that initially piqued your interest? You don’t want to check out these until you’re sure that it’s the right size, durability, and has the correct features that you want to be included (such as height adjustments and the correct soles). The comparison chart and buyer’s section can assist you in this if you haven’t read it already. In any case, there are two products better than the others, overall. The Leki Traveller Carbon Nordic Walking Poles and Carbon Nordic poles are outstanding in power and height. Place these on your list first if you don’t know which to choose. But if you think one of the other eight have something that the first two don’t, just your better judgment, particularly if you don’t need to adjust the height. There’s something here to make everyone happy, and the poles range the beginner-friendly to expert quality.



Best nordic walking poles 2021 - Comparison & Buyer’s Guide
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Best nordic walking poles 2021 - Comparison & Buyer’s Guide
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  1. Perfect!! finally found a buyers guide to help me make an informed decision on what walking pole to get my dad for Christmas. He loves to hike. Great recommendations. Thanks

  2. I’m no pro or anything in this activity, in fact I’m just getting started so I appreciate this comparison guide with pros and cons included! It helps beginners like me be more informed as to which Nordic walking pole would fit best. I have big hands so I think the poles of the smaller variety would be out of consideration, haha!

  3. Wanted to buy German sticks from Leki on Amazon, but they are not yet available. What happens to world trade? !!!

  4. Choosing The Right Nordic Poles.
    “Good poles will utilize cock…”, I suspect there is an unfortunate typo, and this should say “cork”. A small, nevertheless important point (excuse the pun).

  5. I teach Nordic Walking in the UK and I agree with your choices of Leki and Excel but I have just walked with a client who was using the Steinwood poles and was stunned by the degree of pole shake. It is not a brand I am familiar with which is why I am looking for reviews. I thought they were shockingly bad.

  6. I have never had any problems with getting my Leki Traveler poles to fit in any of my luggage bags. They don’t give me any hassle when I’m taking them apart or putting them together afterward. I recommend to those who might have a short temper with things especially when constructing things.

  7. I have had the Leki Smart Traveller for a few months now and I have never had a problem with them being slippery. I live where it rains on quite a regular basis and the poles have held up pretty well.

  8. I am definitely on the taller side and had some trouble with finding good poles that would work for me for walking. I found that the Gipfelsport Carbon poles were a great fit for me. Since I could adjust them to my height and they extended enough to fit my needs.

  9. I really like the Alpidex brand a lot. All of their gear just really works for me and I find that it fits my lifestyle the best. I don’t do a lot of traveling with my poles and mostly just do the walking nearby so I don’t have to worry about any extensive travel.

  10. I just love my Leki Traveller walking poles. They make it so easy to go and travel without worrying if I can take them on a plane or not. Putting them together and taking them apart is a breeze.

  11. I am just starting out with this whole walking thing and I got the Exel Pro because they’re made for beginners. I just wanted to know what constitutes beginner versus a seasoned walker?

  12. I have been searching for the perfect Nordic Walking sticks for a few weeks now and your post has helped me narrow it down so much. I didn’t realize some of the really small aspects of the sticks so I know now which ones will definitely not work.

  13. I have wrist problems and I love to go walking but I just couldn’t until I found the Ultrsport brand. Their straps make it super easy to walk without feeling restricted in my wrists or being too tight that it causes serious pain.

  14. I don’t think I have ever experienced the vibration that you talk about with the Gabel Stretch Lite sticks. I usually walk on concrete with my sticks and if it does vibrate I have never noticed it or it never bothered me.

  15. I have the Alpidex walking sticks and they have served me very well the past few years. They are durable and made to last. Definitely a great investment if you like Nordic walking.

  16. I have unusually small hands and with the Leki Spin walking sticks, I was able to adjust so it would fit them just right. I don’t know how many sticks I went through before finding ones that actually work.

  17. I had to stop walking as much due to joint pain so I bought the Gipfelsport walking sticks to see if they really would help. And I can for sure say that they make a big difference. Now, it didn’t completely rid me of my joint pain, but it helps ease it when I want to go walking so I can walk more often than I used to.

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