About me


Hi! Constantine here!
I took up a love for Nordic walking at the young age of fifteen. What began as an occasional activity I saw practiced at a local park soon turned into a hobby. For several years I walked with ordinary ski poles. It was a stepping stone, to say the least.

In other words, they were horrible! Yet having them made me learn things the hard way. When I was old enough to get a part-time job, the first present that I bought for myself was the nordic walking poles, a great improvement over the first pair.
Having a better set helped me to hone in the things that I learned from seeing others use them, but I was far from perfect. Then after 27, I started to practice with a professional instructor who taught me all there is to know about Nordic walking. Long story short, I mastered the sport, having competed in multiple events set up by family, friends, and acquaintances met along the way. Now at 34, my love for fitness became an inspiration for me to stay in shape. The people that I’ve introduced Nordic walking to have become faster, stronger, and taken up a love for fitness.
But even with all the knowledge gained, I continue to live by Aristotle’s philosophy that the more one knows, the more he/she realizes they don’t know. Always thirsty for more insight into the individual styles of walkers, I enjoy helping and learning from others. Nordic walking is a great way to stay in shape, a proven activity that leads to a healthier lifestyle. This is why I’ve decided to assist as many as I can with all things Nordic walking. Let’s push ourselves to become healthier with each step!

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