Best nordic Walking poles - my review

Best nordic walking poles 2021 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Get in Shape with These High-Quality Nordic Walking Poles

Nordic walking is an activity that is enjoyed by many, both as a sport and an outdoor recreational activity. Movement is done with walking poles, thin but very strong rods that resemble the kind used for skiing. Some even use them to assist their walking technique after sustaining leg injuries, since it allows the walker to move with more support from the torso, arms, and shoulders than what’s possible from an ordinary stroll. Contrary to its name, Nordic walking isn’t practiced exclusively in the NorthWestern corner of Europe, although it did begin there. Below are ten of the best Nordic walking poles found online. Remember to check out the Buyer’s Guide as well so that you’ll have a better idea of what types suits you the most. Continue reading “Best nordic walking poles 2021 – Review & Buyer’s Guide”

Urban poling with series 300

Urban Poles Series 300 Fitness Edition – Review

Nordic walking poles vendors do not abandon their attempts to come up with the newest ergonomic design of their products. We know some successful case such as detachable handle “Shark” made of “LEKI”, and less successful such as curved pole form made of “EXEL”.
This week I have earned a brand new offer to the public – Urban Pole Series 300 Fitness Edition (Strapless!) from the Canadian company and I would like to share you some impression after 10 hours walking trip.
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Nordic Walking with trekking poles

What is nordic walking technique: Walking for good health

For anyone that has an interest in Nordic walking, there are a few things that must be known before you’re able to do it properly. If you’ve read about it a little bit, then you might already know some of the steps that need to be taken. But for the layman, getting the hang of it could seem like a daunting task. This is especially the case when attempting to do the technique for the first time. To mention the work again, technique is a big part of getting the hang of Nordic walking. However, it’s not so hard to do. All it takes is to learn a few easy to remember steps, and you’ll be able to walk quickly without the reliance on a guide. To learn these fast, check out the information below, and use it for reference when you’re all set. Let’s get started. Continue reading “What is nordic walking technique: Walking for good health”

BEST Nordic Walking accessories

16 Must-Have Nordic Walking Products that You’ll Love

Nordic walking is a fun sport that may look easy at first glance but requires practice. However, it’s something that an entire family can involve themselves in. In basic terms, its enhanced walking; a cardio workout done with the help of Nordic walking sticks.

While these are the most important accessories needed for Nordic walking, there are other pieces that partakers will need to ensure a good workout and safe execution. Some of these are parts for the rods themselves while others make up important reading material. Below are sixteen such products for Nordic walkers. You won’t need all of them to begin your first run (or walk, in this case!), so pick must-have items first. A Buyer’s Guide follows, showing good tips to assist you in getting the accessories that you need. Continue reading “16 Must-Have Nordic Walking Products that You’ll Love”

How to use nordic walking poles even if you are a statue

How To Use nordic walking poles – 5 steps for Beginners

There’s More to Walking than Using your Legs.

That’s right, walking doesn’t only have to involve the lower portion of your body. When you are walking outside for exercise or to run errands, your upper body is relaxed. As a result, you may not receive the proper amount of oxygen that you need to keep yourself from getting tired. Posture has a lot to do with it since less active muscles in your arms and torso could make you slouch more than you should when walking. What can be done to fix this? Continue reading “How To Use nordic walking poles – 5 steps for Beginners”